League FAQ


Step #1: Login to your team account – go to http://www.htgsports.net and log into the site with your User ID and Password.


IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME AS A MANAGER IN THE SYSTEM OR ARE USING A DIFFERENT EMAIL THAN YOU DID PREVIOUSLY AS A MANAGER then when you first log into HTGSports, your user ID and your password is the full email address of the manager.  When entering your email address as the password, use small case only. 



example:  UserID: jamie@globalnetwork.com         Password: jamie@globalnetwork.com


The first time you enter, you will be asked to change your password.  After your new password is accepted, click on your MANAGER NAME -> My Sports tab (located in the upper right corner of the screen).  

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING MANAGER and registered for this event with the same email as the previous event, your login and password are the same as the previous event.

Step #2: Registering players: this is a 2 step process

Step 2a. Under ‘My Players’ Click on “Add Player” and add player information to create your “MASTER PLAYER LIST”.  Only the required fields need to be completed. CLICK ‘SAVE’ to complete each player entry.    Player photos on the player cards are optional.


Step 2b.After all players are entered in the “MASTER PLAYER LIST”, you need to assign them to the “TEAM” roster you registered for the event. From the “My Sports” page, under ‘My Teams’, click on the team’ for which you want to add players.  You will be taken to the “Team Detail” page.  Click on the “Manage” link (to the right of the ‘Players’ information).  From your “Master Player List, click on the players you want on your roster, add them and they will appear in the “Players Assigned to the Team” list. CLICK “SAVE” WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED.  Players from last year are still in the system and can be accessed if the manager uses the same e-mail as last year.  You can always add players until the deadline for your event.



All players must be registered in order to participate.  When you add players from your Master Player list to the Team list, an e-mail is automatically sent to the parent/guardian with instructions on how to complete player registration and payment of the player registration fee.  You must assign players to your team as soon as possible so the parent/player/guardian (p/p/g) has time to receive the e-mail, act on it, and pay the player registration fee.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete this step.



Note on Player Registration – To confirm the status of your players in their progress regarding submitting waiver and payment, go to your Team Detail page. When you view your team roster, you can confirm the status of each player by looking at the icon in the “WAIV” and “PAID” column. 

1.  A green check indicates p/p/g has signed the release and or paid the player registration fee.
2.  An e-mail icon indicates the release has been sent, but not signed by p/p/g.  If a p/p/g has not responded by completing the waiver and payment, make sure the e-mail is correct and if so, resend the waiver by clicking on the envelope icon next to the player name and hit resend

Step #3: Submit Seeding/Coach Conflict/Comments Information – log into your team’s site and click on your team.  You will see the Seeding Information and the Conflict boxes.  Click “Conflict /Seeding Information Edit” to submit your conflict and seeding informationA coach with multiple teams should list the teams here. The box below that is the “Comments” box.  It is in this box where you can enter comments regarding seeding your team in the proper bracket. If you have no conflicts or comments, put N/A in the box. 

Be sure to hit “Save” at the bottom of each screen

League rules may be found at 2019/20 League Rules

Thank you for playing in the Stanford-Palo Alto Futsal League / Junior Futsal League. We are excited to have your team! Any questions do not hesitate to contact us at futsalleague@stanfordpaloaltofutsal.com

Guest player policy

  • Max 3 guest players per game.
  • No guest players during playoffs.
  • Players cannot play down an age group.

Flight placement / games schedule.

  • Dec 20th – Draft of the bracket released
  • Dec 22th – Brackets finalized
  • Dec 27rd – Release draft game schedule (and finalize a couple days afterward)
Flight placement
A team must input it’s desired competitive level and comments into its TGS team account before bracketing begins. Brackets are prioritized using the following criteria:
  • gender (but a girl team may request to play in boys bracket)
  • age
  • level of competition
  • inter-club diversity (e.g. place same club team in different brackets)
Games Schedule
A team must input it’s scheduling conflicts into its TGS team account before scheduling of games begins. Each team should identify hard conflicts once games schedule draft is released. For more information on how to input scheduling conflicts and desired competition level please click here.

Games reschedule.

We try to accommodate coaches with multiple teams by avoiding overlapping games. A coach with 4 or more teams should be prepared to have backup coaching available when needed. In general it is always a good idea to have alternate coaching available since a head coach conflict should not be the ultimate factor to cancel or reschedule a game. It is quite OK for a parent to stand-in especially since the coach can preemptively communicate a basic game plan (e.g. let the players rotate themselves for equal play just like pick up games).

Game Cancellation

If an opponent cancels a game or does not show for the game, the other team may use the game time. There are no refunds for games cancelled by opponents. If a team must cancel, please call Stanford-Palo Alto Futsal as soon as possible so we can notify the referees and give the other team a chance to plan accordingly. Cancelling a game not only short-changes your team, but your scheduled opponent. A game cancelled by a team may be replayed subject to opponent approval, ability to schedule a facility time, and a $100 reschedule fee (to cover cost of facility and referee time). Please do not cancel a game…it is a big hassle.

2019/20 Divisions

Age Group Table