Cubberley Winter Futsal Camp

For Boys and Girls, ages 4-14+ years. This very popular program is an open participation program; individual players and all skill levels are welcome. These are weekly sessions throughout the winter, with training, small sided games, and full 5v5 games. It is an excellent activity to cooperate and compete with different players.

This program uses an open format providing both training and games at every session. It is not a league, so you do not need to come as part of a team. That said, team/group friends and teammates (e.g., from a NORCAL, CYSA or AYSO team) have an option to train together. Cubberley Winter Futsal Camp is hosted by the Stanford Soccer Club.


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* Players can move between sessions for convenience, maturity, or challenge (not strictly age).

* * No Camp on Sunday December 23, and Sunday December 30, 2018.

*** Walk-in registration is ok!

What to bring and wear: Players should wear normal soccer clothes, shinguards, and FUTSAL shoes, but any athletic shoe will work. A water fountain and restrooms are available.

Attendance Requirements: None. We require registration which includes a parental consent and fee, but beyond that, the program is guided by personal desire.

Session Overview: At these young ages expect the players to start playing immediately upon arrival. Unlike adults they do not need much warmup. The technical workouts will be interspersed throughout the small sided game playing, while the full court 5v5 games during the latter hour will probably have minimum coach intervention. An important component of the program is a player finding his/her own creativity on the court. To do this they want to be encouraged to take chances and use peer pressure to self-correct. 

Basic Rules of Futsal: Futsal is a five-a-side game, played on an indoor court with smaller goals with a reduced bounce ball (futsal ball). Games are 20 minutes per half, played to a stopping clock (similar to basketball) with time-outs permitted.

There are a number of differences to our traditional version of indoor soccer, but the dominant elements are the absence of rebound boards and amendments in the laws that encourage and foster skillful creative play above the physical contact.

Coaches: Vava Marques and his staff will direct the Winter Camp.

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